Prediction Toolbox (Matlab)

This Matlab toolbox accompanies the paper:

Mann, R., R. Freeman, M. Osborne, R. Garnett, C. Armstrong, J. Meade, D. Biro, T. Guilford, and S. Roberts. "Objectively identifying landmark use and predicting flight trajectories of the homing pigeon using Gaussian processes." Journal of The Royal Society Interface (2010).


The toolbox provides the software and methods to probabistically model the repeated flights of homing pigeons using Gaussian processes. Requires the Matlab Statistics toolbox. For installation and use, please see the README.TXT file in the downloadable archive.

Available here: Prediction Toolbox

The downloadable archive provides the methods outlined in the paper, but not the raw data - if you would like to use the data from the paper please contact us using the contact page:


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