Ollie Padget


Royal Society University Research Fellow, University of Liverpool

Research associate Department of Biology, University of Oxford


I have broad interests in the mechanisms underpinning animal behaviour, in particular how the behavioural processes that govern animals’ interactions with their environment work. Currently, my research focusses on how animals learn, encode and use spatial information to navigate and exploit resources in their environment. This combines theoretical and empirical work. For experimentation, I employ seabirds as models for animal navigation. Seabirds are nature’s greatest navigators, routinely traveling many thousands of miles on foraging trips during breeding. They are also long lived and so accumulate experience over their lives, potentially allowing us to examine the ontogeny and, through manipulations and natural experiments, the functionality of their cognitive representation of space.


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Zoology Research and Administration Building
11a Mansfield Road
          Oxford OX1 3SZ

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oliver.padget@biology.ox.ac.uk & oliver.padget@liverpool.ac.uk


ollie padget